Visit the towns and villages surrounding Sutton

The animated streets, shops, antique stores and coffee shops of our charming villages


Sutton is renowned for its outdoor activities. You will be charmed by the small downtown area; with its shops, museums and art galleries. On the main street, you will also find a wide range of excellent restaurants, pubs and bars.
Distance from Le Montagnard: 3 minute drive, 25 minute walk

Lac Brome (Knowlton)

Knowlton is an elegant Victorian village that is very popular in the Eastern Townships. There is also a municipal beach with water activities and Knowlton is also home to the second biggest lake in the Eastern Townships (Brome Lake).
Distance from Le Montagnard: 15 minutes


You will be amazed by the architecture of some buildings in the village, including the former Freligh Mill dating from 1839 and the General store where you can get the best maple sugar pies in the Eastern Townships.
Distance from Le Montagnard: 20 minutes


Dunham, for the vineyards of course! But come as well for the apple orchards, cider mills, sugar shacks, the producers of berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), the best sweet corn in the province and the prettiest farmhouses around.
Distance from Le Montagnard: 20 minutes


Cowansville is the largest municipality of Brome-Missisquoi. You can visit the Bruck House (1868), the Nesbitt House (1881), the  Sweetsburg Manor (1868). The city also offers free access to a lake (Davignon), a nature center, a beach, bike trails and an indoor pool ($) open year round.

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