What a nice summer it was in our beautiful region of the Eastern Townships. The numerous sunny days in Sutton were ideal for every road tripper that wanted to travel and explore Brome Missisquoi’s scenic wine route. Eat, drink, taste, discover and most important of all; unwind. What better ways could we spend our time off? No doubt about the Eastern Townships being the second most visit region by Quebecers after the big city of Montréal. It is very accessible and only one hour away of the metropolis.

Le Montagnard had once again the chance to welcome many groups and events to be remembered, such as marriages, birthdays, meetings, team building gatherings and parties. Some got to relish our caterer’s multi-course dining experience, others hired a méchoui specialist and our many barbecues satisfied various vacationers.

Our outdoor swimming pool and the many natural bathing areas in the forest were well appreciated on blazing afternoons, hidden under the trees.

Sutton was definitely visited by all sorts of travelers of all ages, because our wonderful and historical mountain village, full of vibrant activities. We are a great destination for hikers, art lovers and foodies. So why don’t you take a break next summer and pay us a visit!

Spring and summer are such warm, inviting months, don’t you think? In a shot, we can suddenly enjoy bathing in spring rivers, feel the tingling effects of the wind and sun on our faces, and finally take part in the activities we’ve been waiting for impatiently during the winter months.

Activities are not hard to come by in the Eastern Townships. On the contrary. As soon as the temperatures begin to climb, tourists whet their appetites and discover what nature keeps in store for us. One very popular hot spot is Mount Sutton, which is graced with four summits, two lakes and ponds as well as breathtaking panoramic views.

What can you do at Mount Sutton? During the warm months, be sure to lace up your hiking boots and explore the valleys and hills of Mount Sutton which are covered with trees such as the red maple (the symbol of Canada), the yellow birch and the black cherry, among others. A hiking and walking trail covering 250 kilometers that zigzags across the mountain allows hikers to spot rare wild animals such as the Canadian castor, the red fox, the coyote and the lynx. From afar, you may be lucky enough to chance upon the white-tailed deer, the Canadian moose or the black bear! But never fear. These animals prefer to live well hidden in the well-shadowed depths of the forest.

Although a number of walking and hiking trails may tempt you at Mont Sutton, the Round Top trail is a must. Measuring 7.4 kilometers in length, the Round Top allows you to explore and admrie local flora and fauna and rewards you for your physical efforts with breathtaking views from the summit. Hikers usually take a well-deserved and refreshing bathe in the Marmite-des-Sorcières, a popular bathing spot offered and protected by PENS (Parc d’Environnement Naturel de Sutton)* while others take a break and enjoy a well-crafted beer at  one of Sutton’s two newly-established microbreweries.

Make sure to enjoy your stay at the fullest. Choose a relaxing atmosphere and stay at the Montagnard, located at 264, rue Maple. Whether you’d like a hotel room, a studio, a condo or a chalet, you can combine comfort with a convivial atmosphere at the Montagnard, which is endowed with a communal hot tub and numerous fireplaces. All we need now is you!

*Please note that you will have to pay to have access to some PENS walking and hiking paths.



It may not be the very first element you recall, but the music that is played at your wedding is a definite go-to must. How could you possibly celebrate your special day without music? It would be virtually impossible! So it’s a good idea to crack down with a pen and paper and list down a playlist that will make your evening go down splendidly. After all, as the romantic writer Victor Hugo once said: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” So pump it up, follow these simple tips and hit the dance floor!

Always be sure to choose a musical style that reflects your personality type over what you think your guests expect of you. If Pachelbel’s Canon in D does not do it for you, don’t ask your string orchestra to play it as you glide down the aisle. Try to recall what songs made you and your partner smile, move around, and dig out some moves. Is one of your favourite songs “The Power of Love” by Céline Dion, or do you prefer “You are Man and Wife” by Michelle Featherstone? Or do you flip out to the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love?” Whatever your personal music is, make sure to remain true to yourself.

Remember: music is not static. On the contrary. With all of its beautiful fluidity, music should be appreciated for its diversity, so let that be reflected on your playlist. Of course, we all understand if you’d like the string ensemble to play classical airs during the ceremony, but what about when it comes time to dance? When the evening comes into full swing, play some classics like the Islay Brothers’ “Twist and Shout” or “Waiting For Tonight” by Jennifer Lopez. You won’t go wrong

Finally, it’s important to end the evening on a high note, where all your guests, young or old, have tapped their feet or danced during one of your songs. In other words: pick songs that were famous back in the day as well, given that some senior guests will not feel like part of the party if only newbies are played. So make sure to play some good old oldies, let your parents do a number, and let the evening be sweet for everyone.
Don’t forget to let yourself go at the wedding, it is your special day after all. It’s time to shake things up, dance around, you’re married!

Nestled in the foothills of Sutton Le Montagnard offers an exceptional site with magnificent views of the mountains.

Either you are on your own, a couple, a family or a group Le Montagnard has something that will suit your needs. We offer different types of accommodation; hotel rooms, studios, condos and cottages.

Le Montagnard is also the perfect site to celebrate or host an event.  We can cater to groups of 100+ and we will be more than happy to adapt our facilities to your needs.

At Le Montagnard we are renowned for our hospitality and we pride ourselves in making your dreams come true

O month when they who love must love and wed”-Helen Hunt Jackson

One simple word can bring to mind so many beautiful, captivating images that will, one hope, stay forever stitched in one’s memories. During these festive occasions, bringing family and friends together, moments are frozen in time. Watch as the bride glides down the aisle with pink flowers in her hair. Recall the moment when the couple grasp each other’s hands, bent upon beginning a new adventure. Celebrate in full style with mimosa drinks and heart-shaped cupcakes as the bride and groom kiss.

Weddings can be quite a handful. Any spouse will admit to the four a.m. headaches, the sleepless nights agonizing over invitations, menus, budgets and schedules.

If any good quote is to go by, D.J. Jazzy Jeff was right about one thing. As he rightfully advised, “you have to make your wedding day all about you.” It may seem a pretty simple concept to follow, initially, until you realize just how much of yourself you’d like to inject into your special day.

Here are some simple to follow, tried and true tips on hosting a wedding you will cherish and remember with joy:

  1. Pick activities that revolve around the important people in your life. Without making anyone feel left out, why not prepare a special toast to that elder sister who supported you through thick and thin? Or why not organize a hide-and-seek game for that special niece who has never attended a wedding before? Sometimes, just saying a simple but heartfelt “thank you” in the form of an activity can bring your loved ones even closer together.
  2. Make the day about you… and about your partner. Remember, the wedding day is a celebration of your love for one another. Ask yourself the question: how did you meet? What was your first impression? Can you make the wedding stand out in any way for him or her? This day is about you two, no matter what. Make it count.
  3. Make the weather work for you. Don’t make your wedding work for the weather. So, whether you are tying the knot in the dry spells of summer or in the middle of a cold winter, try to highlight the season’s particular beauty. In the middle of summer, why not rent a large tent and a pool to cool off? If you’re planning on marrying in the winter, combine mugs of home-made hot chocolate with pastries that can be nibbled in front of a roaring fire.

Whatever you do at your wedding, celebrate yourself. It’s the one day you can afford to.

At the Montagnard, nestled near the top of Mount Sutton in the Eastern Townships, nothing declares love better than idyllic scenery coupled with an outdoor area, a badminton and volleyball court, an outdoor pool and hot tub and a reception hall waiting for your guests. Come and celebrate your wedding in style today.

Going away on holiday is always a treat, whether you want a get-away in the middle of winter to enjoy some downhill skiing, or to sip some chilled white wine while you bask in the sun by the pool.

But what can you do if man’s best friend, your dog, is chased away by mainstream hotels? Problems and conundrums: you will have to place your dog in a kennel or at a friend’s house. It will be hard to say goodbye and hope that your pooch will spend the following days happily. If you opt for kennels, be advised that most are rather costly, and this won’t make your wallet any happier.

At the Montagnard, dogs are welcome. We aren’t afraid to say it! Here, at the summit of the mountain, a number of activities such as walking, snow-shoeing, swimming and skiing keep gaining popularity. And we understand that enjoying yourself is all the more important if you can do it with your dog. It might be surprising to learn that, according to the web site partoutavecmonchien.com, only 51 establishments open their doors to dogs in the Eastern Townships.

At the Montagnard, our chalets and studios are always well prepared for dogs and we love to wish them welcome. Please note that there are additional fees for dogs and that we ask for a small security deposit.

As the famed English writer J.R. Ackerley said so accurately: “A dog has only one goal in his life: to offer his heart.” As such, let us offer it a warm stay!

A white wedding. Why not get married under the wintry stars, where you can enjoy sunflakes falling gently over a blanketed white Québécois landscape? Getting married in the winter is not commonly regarded as a possibility by couples. Most prefer tying the knot in the middle of the summer, under a hot sun, where champagne glasses are filled to the brim and flowers are in full bloom. That said, a winter wedding can do the trick, especially if hushed tones such as pearl gray and ivory are used to make the scene all the more appealing. It should be noted: a winter wedding can be quite a signature event. Just treat your guests to mugs of hot mulled wine, make sure the fires are burning and that delicious pastries are served and voilà!, you are set to go.

Mariage_4_sw (2)On a financial note, a winter wedding, celebrated in the darkest months of the year, can be quite interesting. Your reservations will be so much easier to place, given that few couples exchange vows in the winter. You will then find it easy to reserve your dancing hall, bar and reception room without any fuss. One less headache when doing wedding preparations! Esthetically speaking, it might be a good idea for you to apply some kind of theme to your wedding.

mariage_swIn the middle of winter, many themes may prove to be interesting. Why not exchange vows under a Christmas mistletoe? Or do you prefer making your wedding look Scandinavian by incorporating silvers, blues and grays? These neutral colors are very handy to give your party a sober yet sophisticated look. If you prefer bolder colors, go for hot reds and golds. Finally, you should be thinking about snow. You never know when a bit of snow can turn your ceremony into a party. Will there be children at the wedding? Why not organize a snow fight? Who knows, maybe even the adults will pitch in and play outside for a bit, just to have fun. That’s the whole point of a beautiful wedding, isn’t it?

At the Montagnard, snow is never hard to find. Take a minute and reserve your wedding here in a beautiful landscape and you will see, you won’t regret a thing.

Travelling. The notion itself brings up countless questions that need to be addressed. Whether you are enjoying your Christmas holidays, Spring Break or the long hazy days of summer, travelling with your family or friends needs to be organized. Where do you want to sleep? How will you prepare your meals? Do you want to be lodged in a hotel room, sleep undisturbed beneath the stars or reserve a hotel room with a fully equipped kitchen?

This last option may be the most interesting if you’re on the run. Why? First of all, you get the bang for your buck. No kidding. Access to a kitchen allows you to forego on those expensive restaurant bills (ouch indeed). Sure, a night out on the town is fun but expenses quickly accumulate. Just think about much damage that bottle of wine, those aperitifs and those delicious sneaky desserts will do to your wallet. On the flip side, a hotel room or a chalet with a kitchen can give you unlimited access to a cozy night in with home-made food. All you have to do is make a quick stop at a grocery store, load up on food and drink, and you’re set to go.

Finances aside, having access to a kitchen/ette while travelling can also bring the family or group of friends together. Chopping vegetables, pouring wine and glazing a cake can become a fun activity to be enjoyed as a group, especially if everyone is in holiday mode. Dad peels the potatoes, Mom works her magic on a chicken and the kids prepare a salad. What better way to enjoy a good meal with loved ones?

Finally, it’s important to remember that having a kitchen/ette available while away from home is an option. Not a necessity. If a family, say, rents a studio or chalet, nothing obliges it from roaming around town. At the Montagnard, for example, we have a full street lined up with great restaurants of high quality. Do you feel like eating Asian food tonight? Not a problem. Just head over to EurAsia restaurant, which serves exotic, lip-smacking meals. If you’re in the mood for bistro-style dining, go to Bistro Beaux-Lieux, which serves savory dishes such as creamy wild boar or lighter options such as salted cod with risotto. Whatever you may desire, you will be served.

A kitchen/ette is a good option, folks. You just have to try it!

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