We are currently taking advantage of this quiet period in the year to improve and redo all of our intermediate studios and changing them into superior ones! Our new gas fireplaces will be replacing the wood burning ones and all of the lights will be changed to bring more luminosity to the units. The spaces will be optimized and spacious.

Our chalets are also going through some changes with a renovated washroom in the Belvédère and new floors will be replacing all of the carpets! We will take care of the other rooms and condos by repainting them for a fresh start.

The fence in the parking is renewed and stone steps were added to the bottom of you outdoor stairs.

Le Montagnard in Sutton, Eastern Townships, will be nice and crisp for the beginning of the winter season. Make a reservation today in one of our modern units!

As soon as you decide to get married, a number of questions have to be asked and pondered: where should the special day take place? What kind of atmosphere are we doing for? How should we party? And the list of questions continues…

For Marie-Ève Ménard and her spouse, David Veilleux, Le Montagnard hotel was the ideal place to declare their love for one another. “It took us some time to find the right place, so we did a lot of research online before finding the Montagnard,” said Marie-Ève, who especially savoured the breathtaking views from the top of the mountain.

A number of factors pushed Marie-Ève to choose the Montagnard. She wanted a country-style wedding which would also be located conveniently close to her home in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Additionally, she wanted a place where her loved ones could celebrate the wedding weekend with peace of mind and without moving around too much. As soon as the couple met Pierre, the owner, Marie-Ève and her spouse signed the contract. Let the party begin!

On Friday night, around 50 guests who reserved chalets or condos at the Montagnard drove up to the establishment to begin the weekend festivities. After enjoying a BBQ and picnic, the guests took advantage of the outdoor pool and of the hot summer weather. The next day, the ceremony took place around 4:00 p.m. with 167 guests in attendance.

Marie-Ève recalls the decorations of the reception hall fondly. To this day, the reception hall is furnished with a bar, a pool table and a sizable dance floor. “We wanted the décor to be classic in style,” said Marie-Ève. “We decorated the room in white and I busied myself with the table decorations.” After the welcome cocktail and the ceremony, the wedding guests treated themselves to a special four-course meal. “One thing is for sure: my spouse and I love to eat well,” said Marie-Ève, who particularly enjoyed the fact that the Montagnard served up delicious treats such as terrine and small, individual desserts rather than a big wedding cake. “It was excellent.”

The evening of June 22 began in earnest, showing no signs of slowing down. “With our DJ, we loved being in the reception hall, the pool, etc.,” said Marie-Ève. In the evening, the Montagnard became an enthralling place with the neon lights reflecting off of the pool, accentuating the summer colours. But the most special moment of the evening was around 11:00 p.m., when a poutine truck the couple rented arrived to serve up the guests. Why rent a poutine truck, one may ask? “We wanted to continue partying,” said Marie-Ève. Thanks to the poutine, the guests were able to dance and celebrate with energy. It was indeed a real party. As proof, the guests finally went to bed around 5:30 a.m.

The next day, the wedding guests played a couple volleyball games before heading home. It sure was a party!

Today, the Ménard-Veilleux family has 3 children. Although they are quite active, the spouses have not yet returned to the Montagnard or to the mountain. “We’re going back, for sure,” said Marie-Ève.

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