Getting married in the winter

A white wedding. Why not get married under the wintry stars, where you can enjoy sunflakes falling gently over a blanketed white Québécois landscape? Getting married in the winter is not commonly regarded as a possibility by couples. Most prefer tying the knot in the middle of the summer, under a hot sun, where champagne glasses are filled to the brim and flowers are in full bloom. That said, a winter wedding can do the trick, especially if hushed tones such as pearl gray and ivory are used to make the scene all the more appealing. It should be noted: a winter wedding can be quite a signature event. Just treat your guests to mugs of hot mulled wine, make sure the fires are burning and that delicious pastries are served and voilà!, you are set to go.

Mariage_4_sw (2)On a financial note, a winter wedding, celebrated in the darkest months of the year, can be quite interesting. Your reservations will be so much easier to place, given that few couples exchange vows in the winter. You will then find it easy to reserve your dancing hall, bar and reception room without any fuss. One less headache when doing wedding preparations! Esthetically speaking, it might be a good idea for you to apply some kind of theme to your wedding.

mariage_swIn the middle of winter, many themes may prove to be interesting. Why not exchange vows under a Christmas mistletoe? Or do you prefer making your wedding look Scandinavian by incorporating silvers, blues and grays? These neutral colors are very handy to give your party a sober yet sophisticated look. If you prefer bolder colors, go for hot reds and golds. Finally, you should be thinking about snow. You never know when a bit of snow can turn your ceremony into a party. Will there be children at the wedding? Why not organize a snow fight? Who knows, maybe even the adults will pitch in and play outside for a bit, just to have fun. That’s the whole point of a beautiful wedding, isn’t it?

At the Montagnard, snow is never hard to find. Take a minute and reserve your wedding here in a beautiful landscape and you will see, you won’t regret a thing.

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