Going away on holiday with your dog

Going away on holiday is always a treat, whether you want a get-away in the middle of winter to enjoy some downhill skiing, or to sip some chilled white wine while you bask in the sun by the pool.

But what can you do if man’s best friend, your dog, is chased away by mainstream hotels? Problems and conundrums: you will have to place your dog in a kennel or at a friend’s house. It will be hard to say goodbye and hope that your pooch will spend the following days happily. If you opt for kennels, be advised that most are rather costly, and this won’t make your wallet any happier.

At the Montagnard, dogs are welcome. We aren’t afraid to say it! Here, at the summit of the mountain, a number of activities such as walking, snow-shoeing, swimming and skiing keep gaining popularity. And we understand that enjoying yourself is all the more important if you can do it with your dog. It might be surprising to learn that, according to the web site partoutavecmonchien.com, only 51 establishments open their doors to dogs in the Eastern Townships.

At the Montagnard, our chalets and studios are always well prepared for dogs and we love to wish them welcome. Please note that there are additional fees for dogs and that we ask for a small security deposit.

As the famed English writer J.R. Ackerley said so accurately: “A dog has only one goal in his life: to offer his heart.” As such, let us offer it a warm stay!

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