How to enjoy your holidays… with a kitchen at hand

Travelling. The notion itself brings up countless questions that need to be addressed. Whether you are enjoying your Christmas holidays, Spring Break or the long hazy days of summer, travelling with your family or friends needs to be organized. Where do you want to sleep? How will you prepare your meals? Do you want to be lodged in a hotel room, sleep undisturbed beneath the stars or reserve a hotel room with a fully equipped kitchen?

This last option may be the most interesting if you’re on the run. Why? First of all, you get the bang for your buck. No kidding. Access to a kitchen allows you to forego on those expensive restaurant bills (ouch indeed). Sure, a night out on the town is fun but expenses quickly accumulate. Just think about much damage that bottle of wine, those aperitifs and those delicious sneaky desserts will do to your wallet. On the flip side, a hotel room or a chalet with a kitchen can give you unlimited access to a cozy night in with home-made food. All you have to do is make a quick stop at a grocery store, load up on food and drink, and you’re set to go.

Finances aside, having access to a kitchen/ette while travelling can also bring the family or group of friends together. Chopping vegetables, pouring wine and glazing a cake can become a fun activity to be enjoyed as a group, especially if everyone is in holiday mode. Dad peels the potatoes, Mom works her magic on a chicken and the kids prepare a salad. What better way to enjoy a good meal with loved ones?

Finally, it’s important to remember that having a kitchen/ette available while away from home is an option. Not a necessity. If a family, say, rents a studio or chalet, nothing obliges it from roaming around town. At the Montagnard, for example, we have a full street lined up with great restaurants of high quality. Do you feel like eating Asian food tonight? Not a problem. Just head over to EurAsia restaurant, which serves exotic, lip-smacking meals. If you’re in the mood for bistro-style dining, go to Bistro Beaux-Lieux, which serves savory dishes such as creamy wild boar or lighter options such as salted cod with risotto. Whatever you may desire, you will be served.

A kitchen/ette is a good option, folks. You just have to try it!

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