O month when they who love must love and wed”-Helen Hunt Jackson

One simple word can bring to mind so many beautiful, captivating images that will, one hope, stay forever stitched in one’s memories. During these festive occasions, bringing family and friends together, moments are frozen in time. Watch as the bride glides down the aisle with pink flowers in her hair. Recall the moment when the couple grasp each other’s hands, bent upon beginning a new adventure. Celebrate in full style with mimosa drinks and heart-shaped cupcakes as the bride and groom kiss.

Weddings can be quite a handful. Any spouse will admit to the four a.m. headaches, the sleepless nights agonizing over invitations, menus, budgets and schedules.

If any good quote is to go by, D.J. Jazzy Jeff was right about one thing. As he rightfully advised, “you have to make your wedding day all about you.” It may seem a pretty simple concept to follow, initially, until you realize just how much of yourself you’d like to inject into your special day.

Here are some simple to follow, tried and true tips on hosting a wedding you will cherish and remember with joy:

  1. Pick activities that revolve around the important people in your life. Without making anyone feel left out, why not prepare a special toast to that elder sister who supported you through thick and thin? Or why not organize a hide-and-seek game for that special niece who has never attended a wedding before? Sometimes, just saying a simple but heartfelt “thank you” in the form of an activity can bring your loved ones even closer together.
  2. Make the day about you… and about your partner. Remember, the wedding day is a celebration of your love for one another. Ask yourself the question: how did you meet? What was your first impression? Can you make the wedding stand out in any way for him or her? This day is about you two, no matter what. Make it count.
  3. Make the weather work for you. Don’t make your wedding work for the weather. So, whether you are tying the knot in the dry spells of summer or in the middle of a cold winter, try to highlight the season’s particular beauty. In the middle of summer, why not rent a large tent and a pool to cool off? If you’re planning on marrying in the winter, combine mugs of home-made hot chocolate with pastries that can be nibbled in front of a roaring fire.

Whatever you do at your wedding, celebrate yourself. It’s the one day you can afford to.

At the Montagnard, nestled near the top of Mount Sutton in the Eastern Townships, nothing declares love better than idyllic scenery coupled with an outdoor area, a badminton and volleyball court, an outdoor pool and hot tub and a reception hall waiting for your guests. Come and celebrate your wedding in style today.

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