A bit of history…

In 1997, Pierre Thérien decided to spend the summer in the Eastern Townships, a region of Quebec he had never visited before. A hiking enthusiast, he often walked in front of the property located at 264 Maple street in Sutton, which was for sale and had been unoccupied for almost two years. He was invited one day to visit the premises by the caretaker. He literally fell in love with the place and thought to himself that perhaps he could become the owner. After renting the place for the winter of 97-98, he decided to buy it the very next spring. Answering the phone with one hand and hammering away with the other, Mr. Thérien made major renovations, purchased a new chalet in 2001 (Le Suttonois), and extended the existing infrastructures (a new welcome desk, a bar and a complete make-over of the chalet “Le Champêtre”). In November 2003, the resort received a “3-star” hotel classification from Tourisme Québec.

In fall 2007 and winter 2008, the construction of the hotel took place. A 3-story building was built with a few hotel rooms and a conference/banquet hall. In 2011, a new chalet was added to the existing accomodations. This chalet called “Le Rassembleur” is located at the entrance of the main site. Recently the chalet located alongside the chalet “Le Suttonois” has been bought and renovated. It was given the name “Le Belvédère” because of its beautiful view.

Going green for 2019 and 2020!

-Gas fireplace instead of wood, compost of kitchen waste, installation of 2 electric charging stations, greener cleaning products and biodegradable soap, reduction of lawn cutting surfaces, planting of trees / shrubs… and many other small gestures which will contribute to the safeguard of our planet!

But what does the future hold ? Difficult to say but customer loyalty and the growth of our offering to business customers are at the heart of the owner’s concerns.

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